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Artisan foods, invested by Shanghai Artisan Investment Co.,Ltd, specializes in a full set of management system of planting, storing, packaging, testing and exporting of fresh, frozen and boiled vegetables as well as spice and bakery products. Artisan foods is currently certified by ISO9001, HACCP .

◆ 上海工廠


The Shanghai factory is specializes in boiled and flavored vegetables, fresh mushroom,pre-packed clean vegetable and bakery products. With an investment of RMB 30 million, the Shanghai factory possesses a large food grade standard plant with totally 20,000 sqm floor space. In order to guarantee the quality of all produces, the factory sets up several advanced production lines including the food selection, auto-packaging, disinfection, metal and foreign matter detection. The total production volume reaches nearly 7,000 tons per year.And a new high standard baking workshop was established in 2016, specializes in bread, frozen dough, baking and cold processing cake business by advanced Japanese equipments and exquisite skills.

◆ 安丘工廠


The Anqiu factory is engaged in the manufacture of fresh ginger, garlic, garlic sprout, fresh peeled garlic and so on. With an area of 50,000 sqm and an investment of RMB40 million, the annual production volume reaches nearly 20,000 tons per year, and Anqiu factory is able to ensure the stability of supply, quality and price.



◆ Weifang factory

The Weifang factory is engaged in fresh, frozen, steamed and boiled vegetables, spice, curry and bakery products. With frozen warehouses and one constant temperature storage room which can preserve over 10,000 tons of products, the annual production volume reaches nearly 20,000 tons per year.

◆ 產品研發


 Artisan Foods is a leading player in terms of its R&D capability. The company is equipped by experienced R&D teamand professional R&D center with cut-edge facilities. The company also has established good relationship with international and domestic food industry intuitions. Our focus on innovation and new product decelopment, problem-solving ability as well as tailored services for our clients, has enabled us to grow dynamically and sustainably.


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